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Re: sysupgrade - has anybody tried it

herbert langhans <> writes:

> cowardly I procrastinate updating my laptop to 6.0. There is no bootable
> device built in (IBM Thinkpad X31), I have installed NetBSD by taking
> the harddisk out, put it into a PC and ran the installation from CD.
> Anyway - I see sysupgrade can do the trick without all the hassle. My
> question is - has somebody sucessfully updated from 5.1.2 to 6.0? Any
> traps there? I read in the NetBSD-Doku that sysupgrade is still
> 'undergoing field testing' by August 2012 ...

I have updated from 5-stable to 6-stable (basically the same) with
etcmanage's INSTALL-NetBSD, which is similar.  Keep in mind that you
have to install the new kernel and reboot first.  Actually
INSTALL-NetBSD installs the kernel first, and then the sets, installing
base.tgz last.  So after that's done, you can reboot forcibly even if
every binary uses a libc with a new system call that 5.1.2 doesn't know
about :-)

The only unexpected twist (compared to from others experience) is if you
have ancient boot blocks.  For example, I once had a sparc running (I
think, fuzzy memory) NetBSD 3 but with 1.6 bootblocks, and those
couldn't load the NetBSD 4 kernel.  But 2 or 3 bootblocks would have
been ok.  Certainly 5.1.2 bootblocks will be fine for a 6 kernel (I've
done that).

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