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Microsoft Office works like a charm on wine/NetBSD but...


I guess I am not the only one using it, but just in case, I am
successfuly running Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel and Powerpoint
in NetBSD 6.0/i386 with pkgsrc's wine (1.2.3).

Thing is, this installation is a rsync from a GNU/Linux wine
Office installation because the (official!) setup.exe from
Microsoft Office's CD fails. I have tried debugging that issue,
but the installer exits right after clicking on "Install now",
no particular message is shown by wine.
I have tried various tips as indicated here:
but none had positive effect.

Any idea / experience on this?

Emile "iMil" Heitor .°. <imil@{,,}>
              |        | ASCII ribbon campaign ( )
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