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Re: NetBSD 6.0/amd64 Panic on shutdown.. mfi related?

On 11/08/12 14:14, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Can you update to a recent netbsd-6 and apply the attached patch ?
> looks like we're missing some initialisation steps for this model,
> when the firmware is in MFI_STATE_BOOT_MESSAGE_PENDING state.

I can now confirm that this patch solves the issue for me:

syncing disks... done
sd3: detached
sd2: detached
sd1: detached
sd0: detached
sd4: detached
cd0: detached
scsibus1: detached
scsibus2: detached
mfi1: detached
pci4: detached
pci3: detached
scsibus0: detached
wd1: detached
com0: detached
igphy1: detached
wm1: detached
igphy0: detached
wm0: detached
ppb3: detached
ppb2: detached
mfi0: detached
atabus5: detached
atabus4: detached
atabus3: detached
atabus2: detached
atabus1: detached
pci6: detached
pci5: detached
pci2: detached
pci1: detached
sysbeep0: detached
midi0: detached
ppb5: detached
ppb4: detached
ppb1: detached
ppb0: detached
pchb0: detached
audio0: detached
wd0: detached
atabus0: detached

Thank you!


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