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Re: ast-ksh on NetBSD 6.0

In article <>,
Michael Piotrowski  <> wrote:
>when built on NetBSD 6.0 (I've tried i386 and amd64), ast-ksh behaves
>strangely: all commands are executed in the background, i.e., as if
>entered with "&".  For example, after issuing "ls", you only get the
>prompt back after pressing return again, and then it says
>  [1] + Done ls
>If noticed this behavior with the ast-ksh built from the original
>sources and with the pkgsrc binaries.
>When using binaries built on an earlier version of NetBSD (pkgsrc has on
>for 5.1.2, for example), this issue doesn't occur.
>Any ideas?

In 6.0 it finds posix_spawn() and uses it. Something is messed up with
the process group handling, but I am not sure what yet.


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