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Re: packages, versions and browsers

  Am I mistaken, or have things started to get awfully complicated when
  it comes to some packages?   I've recently become convinced that there is a
  memory leak in the version of Firefox I've been running, which has
  made my personal workstation grind to a near halt.   So I thought -

I understand where you're coming from.  I can offer an obsevation and a

  firefox seems to have stability/bloat issues, and it's not clear
  that's about NetBSD.  There are a huge number of package dependencies.

  The pkgsrc stable branches are much more stable than head.   I would
  suggest that you install from binary packages built for your os
  release and the most recent branch, and stick with that.   When
  updating, it may be best to remove all old packages and then add the
  new ones.

There are tools that I don't really understand for managing binary
packages.  Certainly there is pkg_chk, but also pkgin, which is on my
list of things to understand.  I believe that it's intended to support
your use case.

I personally build from source and use pkg_rolling-replace to manage it,
but I do that partly because I commit to pkgsrc fairly often.  I don't
necessarily recomend that to new users.

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