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Re: ec2 instance volume fs


how is ffs playing with major databases software? how about sqlite? (does it matter?!)

On 10/23/12 8:17 PM, matthew sporleder wrote:
On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 10:54 PM, kalin <> wrote:

hi all...

hopefully this is the right place to ask questions about netbsd 6 amis.

i have successfully created a netbsd 6 instance. the thing is there are only
2 usable partitions - one really - root. the other one is grub...

so i created a new volume and it says it's "attached". i was wondering which
fs type would be most appropriate for a domU netbsd on ec2 additional
volumes. according to the fstab the root device is ffs and the grub is

The defacto file system is ffs.  I would just use that unless you have
a specific need to umount from netbsd and mount into linux.

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