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Re: NetBSD guide

On Feb 4,  3:11pm, Alex wrote:
} I was about to delve into the online NetBSD guide [1], when I noticed
} that it was last updated in Jan 2012. Since I am not going to re-read

     Not all that long ago.

} it all over when an update version comes out with the final 6.0

     What makes you think there will be a completely new guide when 6.0
comes out?

} release, I would like to know, will there be significant changes b/w
} the current online version and the final one?

     There is no such thing as a "final one".  The guide is a living
document developed independently of NetBSD releases.  Given how close
the NetBSD 6.0 release is, it is highly unlikely that there will be
substantial changes to the guide before then.  Although, I can't be
absolutely certain about this since any developer may update the guide
at any time, so it is possible that a developer has some substantial
changes up their sleeve that they are about to commit.  In any event,
with a quick look at the table of contents, it looks like pretty much
all of the guide is applicable to NetBSD 6.0 with little change.  I
spotted a couple of areas that probably need some minor updates (i.e.
adding information about GPT), but there is also things like section
17, LVM, for which NetBSD 6.0 will be the first release to contain it.

     BTW, the guide should be documenting all supported releases.  This
means that the few things that have been removed for NetBSD 6.0 won't
be removed from the guide just yet.

}-- End of excerpt from Alex

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