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Re: Problem with NetBSd 5.1.2 / gethostbyname / nsswitch.conf or bind resolving chain of multiple cnames

thilo wrote:
> > This is an issue with netbsd resolving hosts with _ (underscore) in
> the name.
> I understand, after some more reading, that rfc 952 specifies
> "letter-or-digit-or-hyphen" inside of a hostname.
> But linux and windows do not seem to complain and resolve ok.
> For my application it would be nice if I don't have to resolve to
> strange hoops in order to lookup a name that fails the test in res_hnok().
> Since the resolver already uses an environment variable "RES_OPTIONS"
> according to the man page, would it be acceptable for NetBSD to have a
> "linux compatibility and violate rfc" flag?
> Or is such strict checking really required?

I'm sure there are those who disagree, but my take is that the
checking is not required, violates the priciple of "be liberal in what
you accept", and ought to be removed.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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