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Re: pkgin

On 9/5/2012 9:07 PM, Martin wrote:
I've been using pkgin and i think it is really good at least for those that
use the binary method of installing packages. It saves so much time on
having to re-type out the pkg path every-time you start new session.
However, i would like to make a couple of suggestions for either the final
release of 6.0 or the next RC or if not possible 6.1. As these are a few
things i reckon would improve it greatly.
1. Allow pkgin to be setup during install, this is what FreeBSD has been
doing and Linux. I don't see a reason why this cannot be setup during
install, maybe as the developers you have your reasons, but to me as a
user. Setting up pkgin during install seems like the logical thing.

It's not pretty, but you can set up pkgin after the install process on NetBSD 6.0 - after you install, the post-install configuration menu has "Enable installation of binary packages", which does what you want. We hope to improve upon this, but it's better than nothing.

2. I am pretty sure this is possible, but you will have to correct me if i
am wrong. I understand pkgin is new to NetBSD, but one of the limitations
are multiple repositories.
For example, if one wants to have the master NetBSD repository ( etc..) and the pkgsrc-wip as well. One
cannot see how this is possible without overriding the master repository
that was initially set-up. Or b) downloading the snapshot of  pkgsrc-wip,
totally negating the purpose of pkgin.

Yes, I agree this would be a good feature.  I will ask imil@ about it :)


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