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Reinstalling or Imaging NetBSD

I have three mini-itx systems that are basically headless thin-client
systems. I use these systems to install and test software. After a while I
usually foul them up pretty well and just reinstall NetBSD from a CD.

The systems don't have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, or a CD-ROM. To reinstall
NetBSD, I have to remove them from the network cabinet and open the boxes
to hook up a CD-ROM and then plug in a keyboard/mouse, monitor, etc.

I'm looking for advice on an easier and simpler way to reinstall NetBSD on
these systems on a regular basis.

Can I launch the installer from a working system and reinstall everything

Can I create an image of one of the systems and store it on one of the
other three and somehow use it via the network?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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