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Re: asterisk: module load warnings

On Jan 2, 12:01pm, Mayuresh wrote:
} On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 11:40:12AM -0400, Andreas Wrede wrote:
} > I ran into a similar problem with asterisk16. I created a
} > NetBSD/i386 6.0_BETA2 system from the 6.0_BETA2 iso, with all
} > packages installed using pkgin from the pkgsrc 6.0_BETA2 archive.
} I (who had posted this thread) switched to comms/asterisk which is version
} 1.2.37nb3 and then I faced no problems. (Do not recollect which one was
} the one with problems it was one of asterisk1*).

     comms/asterisk is ancient and probably riddled with security
holes.  The only reason it was allowed to live was because it was the
only version with hardware support.  Now that the comms/zaptel-netbsd
package has been deleted (it didn't work on modern NetBSD anyways),
that reason is no longer present.  Asterisk 11.0.0 Beta 1 has been
announced.  Once Asterisk 11, which is a Long Term Support version, is
released, I'm going to install it into comms/asterisk.

}-- End of excerpt from Mayuresh

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