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Re: | tools | version

On Sat, 28 Jul 2012, Greg Troxel wrote:

Darrel <> writes:


The option -u to causes a reasonably fast build even with
this old machine that I am using at the moment; however, how often, if
ever, do I want to build tools again?  If I changed from netbsd-6 to
current would -u be best left out?  Or had I been at netbsd-5 and
changed to netbsd-6
would I build tools?

I would guess that tools can be rebuilt for every build and it would
just take up more time.

In theory -u lets the normal make rules run, and is always ok.

In practice there are two issues:

 1) if the source tree has huge changes, the build might fail because of
 old objects that the new makefiles don't know about

 2) there might be bugs in the update logic

Does some of the update logic overlap etcupdate? When I ran etcupdate(8) it prompted for me to install sets that had installed a minute or two before. After some more experience, I plan to consider sysbuild.

In my experience 1 is more common than 2.

I do update builds all the time.  I keep separate source trees and
objdirs for 5/6/current.  But if you have one tree and move from 5->6 I
would definitely start fresh (rm -rf objdir tooldir releasedir).

This is what I suspected.  Thanks for the good information!


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