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Introducting sysbuild


I have just added a new tool to pkgsrc called sysbuild. You can find
it in pkgsrc/sysutils/sysbuild.

The purpose of this tool is to trivialize the management of local
copies of NetBSD source trees and the rebuild of NetBSD releases from
these. Effectively, sysbuild is a wrapper over cvs and the
script, driving the whole process from a configuration file. At the
moment, the tool focuses (obviously) on my needs only (which I don't
believe are that special), but it is certainly possible to add
additional features if desired.

The supplemental pkgsrc/sysutils/sysbuild-user package creates a
dedicated system user with a cron job that executes sysbuild daily.
The output of the tool (usually very long) is stored in log files and
an email is sent only when the build fails.

Some more details in this blog post:

Feedback will be appreciated!


PS: If you have better memory than myself, you may have noticed that
this is a reimplementation of a script with the same name that I added
10 years ago. I just found that out while performing the submission to
CVS! And yes, this is the reason for the 2.0 version numbering.

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