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Re: what phone do you use that can sync data using NetBSD?

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 09:57:26PM -0500, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> What smart phone do you use that synchronize its data (contacts, phone 
> photos, messages, calendar) to and from computer running NetBSD?  (The 
> phone doesn't need to run NetBSD, but using NetBSD on the backup 
> computer.)
> (My old Nokia E71 died and my only backups were using some recursive FTP 
> application that was incomplete. I plan to get a new phone that works 
> better for me with NetBSD.)

When my E71 retired (2011), I purchased a Nexus S for ~300$ and was very
happy to bury that old and terrible concept of connecting your phone to
your laptop and then running some piece of flawed software in order to
transfer a little bit of plain text data.

The new Android device syncs the important stuff (contacts, calendar) to
Google (over 3G or wireless), while I'm using googlecl for syncing that
same data back to my laptop:

For pictures I still use the usb-cable but there are plenty of apps on
the market that are able to make your sd-card content available through
some wireless method.

In case you want full-backups of the entire data partition, adb can do
that for you (Android Debug Bridge, see `adb backup').

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