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Add on serial port cards and boot prompt.


I am considering upgrading my motherboard (from a Pentium 3 128M memory) and 
I've found that only some have on board serial port connectors (for the ones 
I've seen you only get one).

So I'm stuck to the possibility of an add on serial board (PCI or PCI-e).

I am currently accessing my computer through a serial console enabled from 

I am considering building the system without a video card as I'll mostly use 
network and serial access.

So my question is will boot on the i386 or amd 64 support add on serial port 
cards?  Will I be able to access the boot menu as before?

I've heard of some cards having a legacy mode does this mean that it will be 
on port 0x3F8?

I'm hoping that someone on the mailing list has tried this.

Thanks in advance,


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