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Re: regarding porting netbsd on eucalyptus cloud.

Does any one knows about the vmlinuz and initrd  files in NetBSD ?

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 5:53 PM, Shreya Bokare 

> Dear Sir,
> This is regarding porting netbsd on eucalyptus cloud.
> For this we have to create eki,eri and emi (Eucalyptus machine image ).
> For creating these three images we need files named as vmlinuz and initrd.
> Usually in other linux flavors, we can get these files in /boot
> directory.In NetBSD we are not able to find these files. Please suggest and
> provide details about these files.
> Please note that on amazon cloud NetBSD is already ported as per
> information in NetBSD site.
> Thanks and regards
> Shreya Bokare

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