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Re: Some USB-Drive is not working with NetBSD. How to address the right developer?

> Hi List,
> I have some Kingston USB-drive (for Micro-SDs) here. It is not working
> with NetBSD - though OSX and FreeBSD seems to be ok.

> Googling this issue tells me, it is a NetBSD bug (most likely).

> I would like to contact the maintainer (kernel?), eventually send him or
> the team this USB-drive so they can work on the bug.

> The question is: How to find the right developer? Any ideas?

> Thanks!
> herb langhans

I didn't google this particular issue when I had the same problem on one 
discontinued lot of Kingston Data Traveler 2 GB USB sticks not working with 

Other USB sticks, including other Kingston Data Travelers, were OK with NetBSD, 
and these problem Kingston Data Travelers were OK with FreeBSD, Linux, and even 
OpenIndiana and FreeDOS.

I assumed without googling that it was a NetBSD bug.


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