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Re: NetBSD TCP/IP performance

Your mail is badly formatted.  I suggest sending plain text as is the
custom on these lists and perhaps using emacs instead of gmail :-)

You didn't explain:

  if these tests used identical hardware
  if the interfaces are in full duplex mode
  which interface/driver is in use
  what 'RHEL 5.1' means in terms of Linux kernel version


  As per the theory the  performance from NetBSD to NetBSD should be more.

Your footnote to the theory paper is missing :-)

To figure out TCP performance, install pkgsrc/graphics/xplot-devel, and
then, e.g.

  tcpdump -w FOO -i wm0 tcp
  netstat -s > BEFORE # also do this on the receiver

and then do the blast, and then

  netstat -s > AFTER


  diff -u BEFORE AFTER; <understand output>
  tcpdump -S -tt -n -r FOO | tcpdump2xplot

and read all the documentation in the xplot sources and then use xplot
to view the files.

I just sent to a xen domU at 81 Mb/s, when the dom0 and the sender are
on the same switch.   So there may be something interesting about your
situation, but generally NetBSD's TCP does fine on 100 Mb/s LANs.

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