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NetBSD 5 partly freezing, may be related to 802.1Q

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My home gateway is running NetBSD for ages, for about 2 years it's working
with NetBSD 5, and as we speak, NetBSD 5.1_STABLE.

Since 5.1.2, I made that server 802.1Q-aware in the way the NIC connected
to my private networks has 2 tagged VLANs, served by a Foundry ServerIron

Regularly, this machine will partly freeze, in the way that established
connections within my network and the outside world still work as of
incoming NAT, but no new connection is able to be made.
The server itself does not panic, and when I try to physically type
something, the first keystroke will appear but no more than that. Pressing
the power button will show the ACPI state going on but the process will
not complete, it will stop most of time at "syncing disks".

That behaviour started when I splitted the private interface into 2
tagged VLANs, and it seems to happen faster when more traffic is made. One
of those VLANs actually serve my own network, and the other one is
dedicated for an open wireless network, which obviously is more active in
terms of DHCP connections and PF-based filtering.

First I thought it was related to the Intel card (fxp0 i82558 Ethernet),
so I changed it in favour of a RealTek 8169/8110 Gigabit Ethernet (re0),
unfortunately I have the exact same issue.

The setup is a bit more complex that just 2 networks NATted to the

. The first VLAN is mostly NATted to my real public IP address, but some
  IPs from this LAN would be routed through a tunneled (openvpn) iface.

. The second VLAN has no right to communicate with the first one (pf), and
  has its default route going through a GRE tunnel which is connected
  throught an IPsec tunnel. This network also has basic QoS rules.

Unfortunately, no logs are available, no panic trace, no kernel dump,
which makes it pretty hard to investigate.

Does this behaviour ring a bell for anyone?

FWIW I'll upgrade the server to 6.0 BETA 2 and see if this still happens.


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