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Re: Delete key no longer works after update to 6.0_BETA2

IHi David & list.

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 12:54 PM, David Lord <> 
> I've just updated a 2667MHz Intel 686 pc from 5.1_STABLE to
> 6.0_BETA2 but have a problem that delete key no longer works.
> # stty -a
>        cchars: ... erase = ^?;
> # wscons.conf
>        encoding uk
> How do I fix this probl

At login make the following command:
   tset -e '<keystroke>'
where <keystroke> is your "delete key"

If  you use csh or tcsh, you may put the command into your .login file.
Let's say, you use the vi editor, open a line,and type
   tset .e '<ctr>V<keystroke>'
If you do not like to see a message at startup,  you can give the option
-Q to tset.

For bash/sh/pdksh, you should test if the shell is a login-shell, before
you issue the command.

Good luck


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