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glusterfs on NetBSD status

Hello everybody

glusterfs on NetBSD is getting really usable on 6.0_BETA. As a stress test, I
ran a -Uo release on sources stored on a replicated and stripped
glusterfs volume (2 replicating severs each aggregating 2 disks). As you can see
below, the build took 74 hours to complete, which is not exciting, but it
completed without a hassle, and with one of the servers rebooting during the

For anyone willing to test, glusterfs is in pkgsrc. A client doesnot need any
special treatment. Running a glusterfs server requires a custom kernel with
extended attributes enabled (and it needs kernel sources from netbsd-6 as of
today, as the last pullups have just been processed)

make release started at:  Sun May 13 14:12:36 CEST 2012
make release finished at: Wed May 16 17:35:14 CEST 2012
===> Successful make release
===> ended:   Wed May 16 17:35:14 CEST 2012
===> Summary of results: command: ./ -Uo release started: Sun May 13 14:12:17 CEST 2012
         NetBSD version:   5.1
         MACHINE:          i386
         MACHINE_ARCH:     i386
         Build platform:   NetBSD 6.0_BETA i386
         HOST_SH:          /bin/sh
         TOOLDIR path:
         DESTDIR path:     /gfs/manu/netbsd/usr/src/obj/destdir.i386
         RELEASEDIR path:  /gfs/manu/netbsd/usr/src/obj/releasedir
         Successful make release ended:   Wed May 16 17:35:14 CEST 2012
===> .

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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