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Re: How can I install additional distribution set(s) from booted installation?

On Sep 29,  9:17am, Devin LaSalle wrote:
} I have a 5.12-sparc64 installation with kernel, base and text distribution
} sets already installed and in bootable condition.
} I want now to add the compiler (comp.tgz) distribution set to this existing
} installation.
} I cannot seem however to get netbsd-INSTALL.gz to complete this task for some
} reason -- after netbsd-INSTALL.gz downloads comp.tgz and progresses about 17%
} into installation it then halts to a shell prompt. Does netbsd-INSTALL.gz have
} some kind of log I can check to determine why it is halting?
} As an alternative approach is there any way to command an already booted /
} running installation to install the comp.tgz distribution set just the same as
} netbsd-INSTALL.gz would?

     This question was just recently asked on these lists.  The answer
is simple.  The "distribution sets" are just tarballs.  You just need
to unpack them, i.e. 'tar xvzpf comp.tgz -C /'.

}-- End of excerpt from Devin LaSalle

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