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Re: gcc with helloworld for 64bit ?

Hi, ("Maurizio Caloro") writes:

>> Try to compile on me Powermac G4 simple hello world for running on me
>> windows7 64bit machine. after reading man g++/gcc this are possible with 
>> syntax
>> -m64 if trying this i have following result from compiler. Or its this
>> possible if me system not supporting the archidekture from 64Bit?

You will need a cross-compiler not only for the different CPU
architectures, but also for the different executable formats.
Windows uses PE and NetBSD uses ELF.

Then, to link your program you need to grab the Windows libraries from
somewhere, and need to have a linker that can deal with them.

It's in the realm of "certainly theoretically possible, but also certainly
not the fastest and easiest way to get a program compiled for a Windows

Should you decide to go forward with this, do tell of your heroic fight :)

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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