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voice chat

Is anyone aware of a voip/voim application that trades off duplexity
for quality?  

All VOIP programs that I know of compensate for poor throughput by
reducing the bitrate and by dropping packets.  After a point, the lack
of bits makes the conversation unintelligible.  

I wish for something that works more like text-based IM does (and 
talk(1), and smtp, for that matter): collect and deliver the message
accurately and completely, even at the cost of delay.  

The interface would be be a bit (so to speak) like a walkie-talkie:
hold down a key to record, talk, let go to send.  The computer would
record the message locally and send it over *tcp*.  The receiver would
get a clear recording some seconds later.  A small amount of signalling
between clients could keep users apprised of who's trying to talk,
delivery progress, message order.  Replay would be possible in case the
message hard to understand.  

Does it exist, or did I just volunteer?  


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