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Re: quagga ospfd not happy, suspecting kernel tuning‏

On 2/27/12 8:16 PM, "Greg Troxel" <> wrote:

>   I'm getting these in my syslog:
>   Feb 27 11:28:20 mouse ospfd[22629]: *** sendmsg in ospf_write failed to
>   <localip>, id 0, off 0, len 68, interface vlan511, mtu 1500: No buffer space
>   available
> You didn't say  how many interfaces you are using, but I'm guessing you
> have a lot.   quagga/ospfd seems to work fine out the box with
> reasonable numbers of interfaces.
> I would suggest doing ktrace.
> It may be that there is a raw socket (proto ospf is not UDP) and a
> packet is sent on each interface in quick succession and the raw socket
> needs bigger sendspace.  I don't know if udp sendspace is reused for raw
> sockets.

Thanks Greg & Manuel,

I've doubled the net.inet.udp.recvspace and net.inet.udp.sendspace and now I
watch when the system gets busier again.  Thanks for this lead.  If it
doesn't work out I'll get ospfd on it with symbols and gdb/ktrace it.


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