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Re: Updates and release terminology

In article <>,
Michael T. Davis <> wrote:
>       I've been reviewing the release glossary and graphs...
>...for several months.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.  The
>graph is particularly confusing to me.  I suspect a good deal of my confusion
>stems from what I believe is "overloading" of the term "release."  At any
>rate, I think a concrete example of an update cycle would help me understand
>things.  So, I have a system which is currently running "5.1 release."  I
>believe this constitutes a "maintenance" or "stable" release, right?  I would
>like to update to the "5.1.2 release," which I understand is a "security/
>critical release."  What do I need to download to perform this update, and
>what would be the process of maintaining things along these lines in the

Sorry for the confusion, I would just follow the instructions in:

If your machine is connected to the internet, then you don't need to download
anything; the upgrade procedure should do this for you. You should just point
it to the site and path containing the release.


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