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Re: Building up a new *user* wiki!


I think that we should use ikiwiki or gollum both don't use database for
storage and can render markdown. Which is used at

Redmine has it own syntax and uses db cor storage sa goes for trac and
fossil wiki is not portable enough.
On Feb 17, 2012 7:03 PM, "Julian Djamil Fagir" <> 

> Hi,
> the current situation is that there is no user wiki for about 1 1/2 years,
> and no central place where to gather documentation by users. Have e.g. a
> look
> at this thread:
> This is a great lack for NetBSD, and with a 6.0 release coming some time, a
> user wiki is nowadays imho a must-have of every larger Open Source project.
> I had a small talk with schmonz in irc (he's developing,
> and
> I finally got the "permission" I wanted to do something about the wiki
> situation.
> My goals for the wiki:
>  * Make it as migratable as possible, in the best case, provide scripts for
>   migrating to ikiwiki in advance once is in order.
>  * Have it as technical as possible, i.e. not the typical shiny user wiki,
>   but a syntax that is as close to usual mail formatting as possible. This
>   is accomplished by e.g. Trac, Redmine, Fossil, MoinMoin.
>  * It should be well-ordered from the beginning on and not overloaded with
>   features that won't ever be used.
> Now, the main question remaining is:
> Which is the wiki software to go for? ikiwiki would be the one you could
> migrate as easy as possible to the NetBSD wiki when it is ready.
> Then there is Redmine, which is a nice project management tool, but very
> focused on its ticket system and in parts needs JS. Trac and MoinMoin are
> also nice for that purpose, but not that easy to set up. You need a
> webserver and the wiki itself needs a setup, too.
> My personal favourite would be Fossil. Though it's originally a VCS, you
> can
> set it up as a wiki and everybody can clone it. But the wiki is not that
> powerful, and you would have to build a small script or procedure for
> people
> to register.
> I don't want the wiki to be *my* project, I want to have as many people
> helping as possible - not only with the documentation, but especially with
> the organization, administration/moderation and initial setup and gathering
> ideas.
> I will completely take care of the technical side.
> If somebody is willing to take over the project and finalize it in time,
> I'd
> be happy to hand it over (or at a later point).
> Regards, Julian

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