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Re: NetBSD mail client

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 05:04:36PM -0500, Steven Bellovin wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2012, at 11:24 AM, Brook Milligan wrote:
> > I have to manage thousands of email messages in my inbox and am
> > looking for a mail client that will handle this well.  Every one I
> > have tried so far maintains the messages in mbox format, which leads
> > to massively large files even when split apart into various folders.
> > I think it would be better if the messages were managed by the client
> > in maildir format instead so that each message is a single file.
> > 
> > Are there any recommendations on what would be useful for this?
> > 
> You don't say if you want command line or GUI.  I'm partial to
> claws-mail.  It uses MH format, rather than maildir, but MH is also
> one message per file.

Claws-mail works nicely as an IMAP client too, so if you're
partial to Maildir (I am) you can use a maildir-friendly IMAP
server (dovecot) and be happy that way.

For terminal, rather than strictly command-line, mutt knows how
to talk to just about everything.  Certainly mbox, Maildir and
IMAP.  I would be very surprised if it couldn't do mh too, at
a pinch.  You can use mutt to convert from mbox to Maildir, if
that suits.



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