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Re: NetBSD mail client

  I have to manage thousands of email messages in my inbox and am
  looking for a mail client that will handle this well.  Every one I
  have tried so far maintains the messages in mbox format, which leads
  to massively large files even when split apart into various folders.
  I think it would be better if the messages were managed by the client
  in maildir format instead so that each message is a single file.


I use IMAP, and have it read from a local IMAP server (dovecot), which
itself stores each message in a file.  But gnus is able to store
messages itself (that's more normal, actually), fetch from
/var/mail/$USER, etc.

If you are already a fan of emacs, it's a good choice, with a bit of a
learning curve, but then very rapid handling of mail.  It seems a little
weak on html mail, but then no one should be sending you that anyway :-)

If you are not already an emacs weenie, you'll likely find gnus to be

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