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NetBSD with XEN 3.X or 4.X ??


I'm back with my problems using XEN.

A few months ago I met some troubles installing XEN 41 on NetBSD 51 64 bits. Thanks to the list, with your help i was able to finally install it and use it (had to patch the DOM0 and the xenbackend ).

I'm having problems again with the same install (I can not run more than 3 VMs at once). My test machine are at work so I could not necessarily provide you logs today (I must went at work this afternoon I would take advantage to take a machine).

The purpose of this email is to get some feedback or experience in the use off XEN on NetBSD.

- Which version XEN you use ? 4.1 or 3? and why ?
- How many VM was in production ?
- What version of NetBSD are you using? and why ?

With the latest source Q4xxx is it still necessary patching DOM0 and xenbackend to use Xen 41?

Thank you for your feedback.


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