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Re: Are dk wedges the only way to access GPT partitions?

On Jun 21,  1:27pm, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
} On 29 January 2012 08:08, John Nemeth <> 
} > On Jun 20, =A09:20pm, "Thomas Mueller" wrote:
} This is just personal preference, I was bitten recently bitten by the
} FreeBSD change in device naming when I had to switch to PV mode.
} > }
} > } I don't know how other OSes (Mac OS X, MS-Windows, any other?) name
} > } GPT partitions.
} >
} > =A0 =A0 I would expect MS Windows to continue using letters.
} Not really. You can mount a partition on a folder or use it without a
} mount point.
} On one of W2k8R2 servers I use:

     I seem to recall old DOS versions having a JOIN command that was
supposed to do this.  I also seem to recall complaints about it not
working very well.  I never bothered with it.  Also, I realise that you
can access things using a UNC path.

} .....
} C:\Users\ci>diskpart


     Sounds like Windows has joined the modern era.  Although I'm
reasonably capable of working with Windows (and often get calls from
computer savvy friends to help understand or fix things) I haven't kept
up with all the changes.

}-- End of excerpt from Chavdar Ivanov

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