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Are dk wedges the only way to access GPT partitions?

Are dkwedges the only way to access GPT partitions under NetBSD?

Linux and FreeBSD have more elegant ways, that can not span a sequence over two 
or more disks as dkwedges can.

I notice in GENERIC kernel config, at least for i386 and amd64,

# Wedge support
options         DKWEDGE_AUTODISCOVER    # Automatically add dk(4) instances
options         DKWEDGE_METHOD_GPT      # Supports GPT partitions as wedges
# The following two options can break /etc/fstab, so handle with care
#options        DKWEDGE_METHOD_BSDLABEL # Support disklabel entries as wedges
#options        DKWEDGE_METHOD_MBR      # Support MBR partitions as wedges

So what happens if I disable this option?  Does GPT disk access work in a more 
normal way, or can something disastrous happen?


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