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Re: Fully tested GCC 4.6.2 pkgsrc compiler, results for 9 platforms

On 1/8/2012 6:34 PM, John Marino wrote:
> 5) NetBSD has the lowest marks for libstdc++-v3.  Some of that is artificial, 
> dejagnu
>    doesn't have specific NetBSD directives, but there's a major regression on
>    x86_64-NetBSD5.99.  There's over 2300 failures compared to 5 for 
> x86_64-NetBSD5.1.
>    Somebody should look at that.

I rebuilt the kernel and userland to the latest trunk on amd64, and
reran the test.  The results for libstdc++ on amd64-netbsd5.99 look
good.  There was something wrong with the older userland I was using
before.  The report has been updated accordingly.


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