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savecore: /var/crash/netbsd: kvm_nlist: bad namelist


I have a problem with savecore that does not want to perform its duty;

Checking for core dump...
savecore: /var/crash/netbsd: kvm_nlist: bad namelist
Dec 19 02:43:24 bob savecore: /var/crash/netbsd: kvm_nlist: bad namelist
savecore: /var/crash/netbsd: _dumpdev not in namelist
Dec 19 02:43:24 bob savecore: /var/crash/netbsd: _dumpdev not in namelist

However it worked almost fine when tested after boot (except of course that
the crash dump is corrupted since swap was enabled. The panic message is
fine, it is just that I tested call panic with a random address in ddb)

# savecore -N /var/crash/netbsd /car/crash
savecore: warning: /var/crash/netbsd-NCBOOT502 version mismatch:
        NetBSD 5.1 (NCBOOT502) #0: Sun Dec 18 17:42:35 UTC 2011
and     /gcc3/lib

savecore: reboot after panic: panic: U¹
savecore: system went down at Mon Dec 19 02:36:16 2011
savecore: /var/crash//bounds: No such file or directory
savecore: writing core to /var/crash//netbsd.0.core
savecore: writing kernel to /var/crash//netbsd.0

What can have been wrong?

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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