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Re: Encrypting textfiles from shell

Here is what I worked out at one point. Though Id does need some refinement.

Tar & gzip the password file and encrypt using openssl des3 and a secret key. Replace the text "secretkey" with your secret password.

[root@unixfoo-lin23 ~]# tar cvzf - passwd_info.txt | openssl des3 -salt -k secretkey | dd of=encrypted_passwd_info
20+1 records in
20+1 records out


While decrypting the file, use the steps below. Replace the text "secretkey" with your secret password which you provided during encryption.

[root@unixfoo-lin12 ~]# dd if=encrypted_passwd_info |openssl des3 -d -k secretkey |tar xvzf -
20+1 records in
20+1 records out

As grievously noted gpg or gpg-zip might do what you need.

On Thu, 15 Dec 2011 20:40:28 +0100, Fernando Jiménez Solano wrote:
On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 08:29:58PM +0100, herbert langhans wrote:
Hi List,
actually a simple task - I would like to pass a textfile (with a
password as option) through some unix-binary just to save it
on the harddisk. Its intended for a password-list what I carry
around on
my laptop.

Is there any simple tool to recommend? Should be no GUI like
herb langhans

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