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Re: Qemu Image booting Daemon mode?

>> Datum: Tue, 06 Dec 2011 23:45:38 +0100
>  Datum:      06.Dec 2011 13:40, Maurizio wrote
> Does the image manage to boot with "qemu -nographic"?
Thanks for your quick Answer!.
After Start QEMU with following string, i think this don't Bootup now. 

powermac$ qemu -m 768 -nographic -cdrom /dev/cd0a /tmp/wsrv03.img 
/dev/cd0a is a block device, using /dev/rcd0a
Could not open option rom 'sgabios.bin': No such file or directory

themsg: sgabios.bin = exist a lot of possible little Fixes.

Also i see that Qemu Start Yesterday Version 1.0 
hoppfuly it is near "next" time available on Pkgsrc ? :-)

Thanks for any Feeback

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