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help with serial console Dell 860 NetBSD/pxe install

Trying a headless lights-out install of NetBSD 5.1 on a Dell 860.

I get pxeboot working, and have done a variety of installboot diddles to
set com0, speed etc. I have successfully interrupted pxeboot, set 
console=auto and other twiddles, but once I do boot tftp:netbsd-INSTALL
I get the basic spandrel plus the memory sizes, and then silence.

nada. niet, null points. nothing.

grub is confusing. I have got pxelinux working and installed ubuntu and 
debian this way, and FreeBSD. Love to do a NetBSD, want to try xen stuff, 
but this is a major roadblock right now.

Any clues? kick me now moments? clue sticks of any size?


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