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Re: glusterfs


matthew sporleder writes:

I'm pretty sure I have all the stuff mentioned in the above message.
My system is the head of netbsd-5, I think from September.  (I think I
mentioned 5.1 ealier but that was wrong.)  That seems to post-date all
the pullups mentioned, but should I be using something more recent?  I
also have PUFFS enabled (it is by default in the GENERIC config I
have) and EXTATTR; I'm starting it by hand so I'm not yet using

I also have glusterfs from pkgsrc-2011Q2.  I just tried the most
recent version but it will not link because of missing symbols for
some extattr functions.

I can start glusterd, run gluster, create a volume, start a volume,
and mount a volume.  However, gluster and glusterfsd seem to use all
CPU cycles and then df hangs.


If the problem is performance, that is further along than I have
gotten.  I'm not even sure why it uses all CPU cycles and hangs df.

Can anyone send a copy of a working example glusterfs configuration?

Thanks alot.


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