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current checked out today stops building in src/bin/rcorder??

Okay, it's probably just me doing something wrong, but I can't see what it is.
I checked out current last night, using
cvs -d  checkout -A -P src

and similar for xsrc, as per the Guide. This morning, I did (edited
for brevity):

38      cd src
39      cvs -q update -A -dP
40      cd sys/arch/i386/conf/
43      echo 'i915drm*      at vga?         # Intel i915, i945 DRM
driver' >>GENERIC_DRM
44      cd ../../../../..
50      cd xsrc/
51      cvs update -A -dP
56      nohup ./build_cmd &

build_cmd being a simple sript that executes
cd src ; ./ -T ../build/tooldir -O ../build/objdir -X ../xsrc
-x -R ../build/releasedir -U -u tools kernel=GENERIC_DRM release
>../buildlog/build.output`date +"%FT%H%M%S"` 2>&1

And then I get in the build output:
( cd rcorder; printf '.PATH: /altroot1/usr/src/bin/rcorder\n.CURDIR:=
/altroot1/usr/src/bin/rcorder\n.include "${.CURDIR}/Makefile"\
n' | /altroot1/usr/src/../build/tooldir/bin/nbmake -f- CRUNCHEDPROG=1
DBG="-Os" LDSTATIC="-static" depend )
nbmake: "(stdin)" line 3: Cannot open /altroot1/usr/src/bin/rcorder/Makefile
nbmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
nbmake: stopped in /altroot1/usr/build/objdir/rescue/rcorder

*** Failed target:  rcorder_make
*** Failed command: ( cd rcorder; printf '.PATH:
/altroot1/usr/src/bin/rcorder\n.include "$
{.CURDIR}/Makefile"\n' | /altroot1/usr/src/../build/tooldir/bin/nbmake
-f- CRUNCHEDPROG=1 DBG="-Os" LDSTATIC="-static" depend )
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /altroot1/usr/src/rescue

*** Failed target:  rescue
*** Failed command: /altroot1/usr/src/../build/tooldir/bin/nbmake
RESCUEDIR=/rescue MKKERBEROS=no AWK=/altroot1/usr/src/../build/too
ldir/bin/nbawk -f rescue.crunched
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /altroot1/usr/src/rescue


Now, I checked CVS-web, and rcorder has moved to sbin, so it seems I
shouldnt even _have_ src/bin/rcorder? Where did it come from? src was
empty before the checkout.

I am feeling a bit stupid right now, I am sure I must have done
something wrong along the way, so any help is appreciated,.


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