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Re: rtadvd and bridging

Steven Bellovin <> writes:

> I have a NetBSD 5.1_STABLE box that is bridging three Ethernet interfaces;
> it will also host a gif tunnel endpoint for v6 connectivity.  Which
> interface should rtadvd run on?  gif0?  One of the Ethernets?  All
> of the Ethernets?

Assuming the gif has outer IP addresses and inner IPv6 addresses (link
local for ripng, real for bgp), it is highly unlikely to be appropriate
to run rtadvd on it.   Is the gif for you to get connectivity, or to
provide it?

If the three local ethernet interfaces are bridged, then presumably they
are one logical network and I'd pick one to run rtadvd on, by the same
logic that you'd pick one of them for dhcpd.

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