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bozohttpd -M encoding example

Could someone please provide an example of a bozohttpd line for
inetd.conf that uses the -M option?  Mine looks like this, and doesn't

$ grep ^www inetd.conf | tr \\t \\n | nl
     1  www
     2  stream
     3  tcp
     4  nowait:6000
     5  nobody
     6  /usr/pkg/libexec/bozohttpd
     7  -M'.html text/html UTF-8 UTF-8' -Xu
-c/usr/local/websites/cgi-bin -v/usr/local/websites /usr/local/websites

The goal is to produce an HTTP header of the form:

        Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

for an HTTP 1.1 connection.  

A few notes:

1.  The manpage example line looks wrong to me:

$ man bozohttpd | grep www | head -1 | sed -E 's/ +/ /g' | tr ' ' \\n |
     1  www
     2  stream
     3  tcp
     4  nowait:600
     5  httpd
     6  /usr/pkg/libexec/bozohttpd
     7  bozohttpd
     8  /var/www

  I don't understand field #7.  The command line should end in 

        slashdir [myname]

2.  The inetd.conf manpage says the fields are separated by "a tab or a
space".  Testing indicates "a tab or one or more blanks" would be more
accurate. It does not say that field #7 (the last one) can have spaces
or -- perhaps more accurately? -- that fields 7-N are passed as
parameters to the program named in #6.  

Any help much appreciated.  


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