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Re: kernel headers ??

On 9/26/11 1:01 PM, feralert wrote:
Hi all,

I'm running NetBSD 5.1 and for a program to compile I am told I need
to have the kernel headers installed.

How are you told that you need the kernel headers? If this is from the instructions of the program you are trying to compile, those instructions are most likely Linux-specific. And if this is from a configure script, then the script is most likely looking for a header that does not exist at all in NetBSD.

Could you provide some more accurate details, such as what program you are trying to build, how you are doing it and what output you get?

I tried searching in the ftp but did not find a kernel-headers package
or similar. I also didn't find any helpful info in google about this.

NetBSD does not have a "kernel headers" package. In order to build any kind of software, you will need to install the "comp.tgz" distribution set, which most likely already happened during your installation of NetBSD 5.1. I.e. if you have /usr/bin/gcc, you have comp.tgz installed.

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