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raidframe query

I just tried setting up a raid 1 mirror on two "identical" disks.

raidctl -v -C raid0.conf raid0 (BTW the -v doesn't seem to be verbose anymore)
raidctl -I 2134123413 raid0
raidctl -iv raid0

created a raid0 where /dev/wd0a is happy but /dev/wd1a has failed.

SeaTools thinks that these seagate barracuda IDE disks are OK.
atactl wd1 smart status
thinks that wd1 has 82 uncorrectable errors whereas wd0 has none.
Would that be why wd1a is marked as failed?

Given that I'm starting from scratch, and the disks are empty, is there
any way of making a happy raid set?

BTW if the mirror stripe size is 128 blocks, that means that all the
partitions sizes of raid0 should be multiples of 128? It doesn't matter
what the sizes/offsets of wd0/wd1 are?



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