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Re: Re (2): Linux emulation with actual Linux installation?

> In Message <171057138.40965.39832@heaviside.invalid>,
>    peasthope@shaw.cawrote:
> =>The Linux system acts as an application invoked by NetBSD?
> =>Interesting concept.  Is this documented?  Is it too trivial
> =>for documentation?
>    Not if you mean the Linux kernel is running under NetBSD. NetBSD
> detects Linux applications and emulates Linux system calls for them.
> So you have Linux binaries and shared libraries invoking the NetBSD
> kernel. You can read the compat_linux man page, or
> for more information.
>    Enjoy...
>                                       Gary Duzan
Out of curiosity would chroot /path_to_linux_partition/ work? Has anyone
tried it?

Jason M.

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