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Re: How to install NetBSD with NO install media whatsoever if you have Linux already installed

Le 15/09/2011 20:46, Dustin Marquess a écrit :
> Nice!  Now if there is a way to pass or bake-in IP information and
> then SSH in to do the actual install, this would be exactly what I
> need.
> I have some remote Linux (XenServer) machines that I'd like to convert
> to NetBSD dom0s
 but sadly there's no remote console access to them.
> So it's either try to find a way to start the install somehow from
> inside Linux, or walk a stupid tech through it.
> -Dustin

Well not having anykind of remote console is not nice for sysadmining (
I would advise you to change the provider ) although if you have some
kind of remote Linux rescue system you might do something.

I think in theory it would be possible to cross install NetBSD on a ext2
partition, and I have even seen people dd'ing a NetBSD diskimage
from a Linux rescue system to install NetBSD.
( from in german )

wget -O - 'http://host/image.gz' | gzip -c -d > /dev/hda

you get the idea


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