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Re: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms

> Based on the responses I'm going to switch the default X11_TYPE to be
> modular, and override in platform/*.mk files as required. The new
> values will be:

> Changed - from native to modular
> - Linux
> I'd like to encourage anyone using X11 apps on any platforms other
> than NetBSD, Darwin, DragonFly, FreeBSD, Linux, FreeMiNT, HPUX, Haiku
> or OSF1 to speak up, whether they are happy with native or having to
> set modular.

At work we have been using modular Xorg on Linux machines since at appeared
in pkghsrc without any problem (X clients only via xdm, not X server).

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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