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Re: What platforms work with X11_TYPE=native (Was: Advice sought: which X11 for NetBSD 5.* (going forward) ??)

On 7 September 2011 20:18, Ian McWilliam <> wrote:
> On 8/09/2011 4:58 AM, David Brownlee wrote:
>> Quick straw poll - happy to collate if people reply direct to avoid
>> cluttering up the list:
>> Who uses X11_TYPE=native vs X11_TYPE=modular - with particular
>> reference to !NetBSD platforms, but interested in all.
> Native
> Darwin (Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x)
> Though anything native X11 wise is horribly busted under 10.7.x. There seems
> to be a PR with a fix...

do you have the PR number to hand?


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