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Re: What platforms work with X11_TYPE=native (Was: Advice sought: which X11 for NetBSD 5.* (going forward) ??)

> I think its "just" a matter of determining what X11_TYPE=native
> platforms are supported. If there is no-one willing and able to
> maintain a given platform then it should be set to modular.
> For reference the current platforms already set modular:
> - DragonFly
> - Darwin < 9 (OS X Tiger and earlier)
> - HPUX
> - Haiku
> - OSF1
> Actually it might make more sense to default to X11_TYPE=modular and
> have platforms that want to use native have to explicitly specify
> that.
> I suspect for NetBSD it should be defaulting to X11_TYPE=modular for
> at least NetBSD-4.x and earlier.
> Quick straw poll - happy to collate if people reply direct to avoid
> cluttering up the list:
> Who uses X11_TYPE=native vs X11_TYPE=modular - with particular
> reference to !NetBSD platforms, but interested in all.

I have NetBSD 5.1_STABLE on i386, also on a 16 GB USB stick on amd64 (Intel 
Sandy Bridge), installed NetBSD-current on hard drive bot couldn't get that to 

I am not really sure which X11 is used, but I have the native one.

On NetBSD 5.1_STABLE on amd64, the system went into immediate reboot whenever I 
tried to startx or Xorg -configure.  Conceivably, X11 from pkgsrc might do 
better, but it's a small chance.

I believe FreeBSD uses modular Xorg.

FreeBSD base system has no X at all, what I built and installed from ports was, 
quoting the pkg-descr file:

This is a metaport for all the X.Org packages available in the ports tree.


I still have Linux (Slackware) on older computer.  They switched from XFree86 
to Xorg several releases ago.  I believe Linux generally has gone over to 
modular Xorg.

I might want to build the whole NetBSD 5.1_STABLE and -current from source, see 
if I can do any better, or if NetBSD is really not up to it, for both the new 
computer and the older computer.  Host would be the new computer, and only 
NetBSD-current amd64 would be for hard drive installation; others would be for 
USB stick.

My older computer can not boot from USB normally, but can using Plop boot 
manager (


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