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Re: Any way to suppress select arp messages?

At 04:39:37.01 on 27-AUG-2011 in message 
<j3aabi$ce3$>, (Christos Zoulas) wrote:

>In article <>,
>Michael T. Davis <> wrote:
>>At 16:55:53.76 on 26-AUG-2011 in message
>><>, Chuck Swiger
> <>
>>>On Aug 26, 2011, at 1:51 PM, Michael T. Davis wrote:
>>>> We have a number of Windows systems with multiple network interfaces
>>>> that are "ganged" via Intel's load balancing configuration.  Our NetBSD
>>>> (i386 5.1 release) firewall keeps reporting ARP messages of the following
>>> form:
>>>Do you have a sysctl available?  Turn
>>> if off...
>>`sysctl -a|grep log_arp_movements' doesn't report anything, so I believe that
>>means this isn't available.
>Here's a patch [untested].
>Index: if_arp.c

        I appreciate this, thanks.  As I mentioned in the original message,
there are cases where we'd like to see these notifications, so a selective
approach is what's needed.  If all else fails, though, I can give this a try.


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