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historic NetBSD-capable hardware giveaway


I'm not sure if it's the right list for this kind of question,
but here it goes: I have a few historic computers as a sort
of "home museum". I'm about to relocate, and I've realized
that I haven't turned them on for years. So I'll be happy
to give them away to anyone interested, or otherwise I'll probably
just throw them away.

The machines are:

- HP340, with keyboard and mouse, external SCSI disk enclosure
(NetBSD installed), external SCSI CD-ROM, 19" monitor (with
not such a great picture quality but workable last time I
turned it on)

- SparcSTATION 1, still has Solaris disks, was booting NetBSD
over the network

- IBM PowerPC, I'm not sure what exact model, of desktop kind,
still has an AIX disk in it, and I've never got time to do anything
more with it

- an external SCSI-2 tower-style box

- assorted old SCSI disks

I'm in NJ, and if anyone local is interested, you can pick
up the stuff. Shipping it would be not worth the trouble.

In case if you wonder, yes, I've offered this stuff to the
Computer Museum, and they are not interested :-)


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